Bioinformatics Research Assistant:

Nathan Phillips, B.Sc

Nathan received his Bachelors in Mathematical Biology from the University of Pittsburgh. He began working under Dr. Cooper as an undergraduate researcher in 2015, focusing on clinical variant calling. Upon graduation, Nathan has transitioned into a full-time role becoming the lab’s bioinformatics research assistant. He hopes to continue his work while helping both himself and others harness the power of HPC to help solve complex computational biology problems.

Undergraduate Researcher:

Abraham Cullom

Abraham studies Civil and Environmental Engineering here at The University of Pittsburgh. In the lab, he focuses on developing new experimental methods to examine the evolutionary ecology of opportunistic pathogens. He is also evaluating the factors influencing the coexistence of two such bacteria: Burkholderia cenocepacia and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Recently, he has begun using bioinformatics to analyze the evolutionary trajectories in these and other systems.