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Year Title Author(s) Link/PDF
2017 A Naturally Occurring Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in a Multicopy Plasmid Produces a Reversible Increase in Antibiotic Resistance Alfonso Santos-Lopez, Cristina Bernabe-Balas, Manuel Ares-Arroyo, Rafael Ortega-Huedo, Andreas Hoefer, Alvaro San Millan, Bruno Gonzalez-Zorn Link
2015 Small-plasmid-mediated antibiotic resistance is enhanced by increases in plasmid copy number and bacterial fitness Alvaro San Millan, Alfonso Santos-Lopez, Rafael Ortega-Huedo, Cristina Bernabe-Balas, Sean P Kennedy, Bruno Gonzalez-Zorn Link
2015 Novel blaROB-1-bearing plasmid conferring resistance to β-lactams in Haemophilus parasuis isolates from healthy weaning pigs Javier Moleres, Alfonso Santos-López, Isidro Lázaro, Javier Labairu, Cristina Prat, Carmen Ardanuy, Bruno González-Zorn, Virginia Aragon, Junkal Garmendia Link
2015 Polymyxin resistance caused by mgrB inactivation is not associated with significant biological cost in Klebsiella pneumoniae Antonio Cannatelli, Alfonso Santos-Lopez, Tommaso Giani, Bruno Gonzalez-Zorn, Gian Maria Rossolini Link
2013 Klebsiella pneumoniae sequence type 11 from companion animals bearing ArmA methyltransferase, DHA-1 β-lactamase, and QnrB4 Laura Hidalgo, Belen Gutierrez, Cristina M Ovejero, Laura Carrilero, Stephanie Matrat, Courage KS Saba, Alfonso Santos-Lopez, Daniel Thomas-Lopez, Andreas Hoefer, Monica Suarez, Gloria Santurde, Carmen Martin-Espada, Bruno Gonzalez-Zorn Link
2012 Molecular organization of small plasmids bearing blaTEM-1 and conferring resistance to β-lactams in Haemophilus influenzae Annette Søndergaard, Alvaro San Millan, Alfonso Santos-Lopez, Signe M Nielsen, Bruno Gonzalez-Zorn, Niels Nørskov-Lauritsen Link
2011 Fitness cost and interference of Arm/Rmt aminoglycoside resistance with the RsmF housekeeping methyltransferases Belen Gutierrez, Jose A Escudero, Alvaro San Millan, Laura Hidalgo, Laura Carrilero, Cristina M Ovejero, Alfonso Santos-Lopez, Daniel Thomas-Lopez, Bruno Gonzalez-Zorn Link