EvolvingSTEM on NPR

January 20, 2019

EvolvingSTEM was featured yesterday on the third segment of the The Confluence, a daily news show in the Pittsburgh area.


New NSF Grant

July 12, 2018

We are thrilled by a new NSF award “Role of tRNA base modifications in genetic code accuracy and cellular fitness”, in collaboration with Rebecca Alexander o...

The root of pan-adaptationism?

July 08, 2018

There’s been a fair bit of recent discussion about why most biologists are (uncritically) adaptationists. I don’t dispute this but think it’s worth reconside...



September 01, 2017

The Cooper Lab would like to extend a thank you to Elaine Vitone who wrote a feature, Untangling Darwin, focused on the lab’s research in the University of P...

Michelle’s T32 Award

August 01, 2017

Michelle was recently awarded a Prestigious trainee position on the Molecular Microbial Persistence and Pathogenesis National Institute of Health T32 Institu...