Published:  April 11th , 2019

A local news outlet wrote a story on the benefits the EvolvingSTEM program grants to students who take the course.

The EvolvingSTEM program has spread to multiple school districts which have found that the hand-on experience provided by EvolvingSTEM has been more engaging and memorable to students than a simple course. The Cooperlab is an integral part of the program, and has made great strides towards making EvolvingSTEM more accessible to any school district willing to host EvolvingSTEM.

“[Vaughn’s] goal in my opinion, is he wants to teach the next generation about evolution in an inquiry-based, hands-on way. To help students understand what evolution is whether it’s to get a few more points on the Keystone [standardized exam], or you know just to have the concepts correctly integrated,” Kinchington said.